né en 1951

des catégories de musique

Most music form is ghettoized, you know, this is like there's country, and there's gospel, there's black music, there's urban music, there's white rock'n'roll. I despise those categories, and as far as I am concerned, the sooner we get rid of them, the better. And so, I don't want to conform to any of them. I don't know how you would categorize my music. I don't want to be categorized from the start. It is not my job. It is my job to evade those categories and to fight against them.

I believe that pop music should be a great mongrel. In other words it can take from any source, from classical music, from jazz, from literature, from history ... all human endeavour can be included in pop music, as far as I am concerned. And the critics will tell you "no, it can't", and I am sorry, they are wrong.
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