David Bloom

de la mélodie

Melody is the singing quality of music,
and its construction makes one song memorable and another not.

de la discipline

Practice Procedure

I. You must know exactly what you're going to do BEFORE you start each exercise.

II. Practice sessions must be goal oriented.

III. Cleanliness in execution is imperative.

IV. Gaining authority should be the goal of practice.

V. Strict rhythm must always be maintained:
    a) Strict realization of rhythmic values
    b) Strict tempo maintenance

VI. Use the entire dynamic range.

VII. Never practice longer than concentration can be maintained. To practice sloppily is not effective practice. It also shows a disrespect for one's abilities and potential.

VIII. Practice with a tape recorder to evaluate what you have achieved in each practice session. Listen back to the tape to hear how precise you were in your parcticing. Did you achieve the QUALITY OF EXECUTION you were looking for?

IX. You must learn to ENJOY YOUR PRACTICING. Take pride in the intensification and focus of your being. If it is a chore, proper relaxation and musicality will not happen.

X. If you make or accept mistakes in execution, you are NOT practicing effectively.

"Melodic chords for guitar - vol. 1", Bloom School of Jazz Publishing, 2007.